Legal Prep

we make the most common legal needs encountered by startups easier to access

How Can Legal Prep Help You?

Did you know there is a lot of crossover in the work accounting and legal professionals perform for businesses?  Much of the work is repetitive and ultimately can cost you more in time and fees.

Easy Access to Common Needs: From managing your capitalization tables to providing legal documents tailored to your needs, our certified legal professionals will have you fully prepared to meet with an attorney who will review and finalize everything.

Reduce Your Costs: A large portion of a startup's legal costs come from learning about your business and crafting legal documents from templates.  Since we already understand your business and most businesses have similar needs, we are in a great position to perform the early legal legwork for reduced time and fees.

Partial List of Legal Prep Services

offer letters and employee agreements

manage capitalization tables

shareholder management

shareholder management

create and manage data rooms

interface with and assist your attorney

draft merger and purchase agreements

conduct name searches & reserve

run meetings, order, and distribute minutes

run, order, and distribute minutes

create signature packets and execute them

create signature packets and execute them

draft, obtain, and organize closing documents 

draft and share board consents

draft business formation documents

draft stock related documents

Template Documents for Download

The following files are basic templates you can freely download and customize for your specific use case.  StartupGorilla provides these file as-is and makes no representation they are fit for any purpose.  You are advised to consult your attorney.