Fractional CFO

We give you access to the best financial leaders with expertise in your industry

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Improved Financial Controls: with accurate forecasting, budgets, and more, our CFOs can guide you through higher-level financial needs.

Improved Strategies: with refreshed financial strategies and models that increase cash flow and profitability our CFOs can help accelerate growth .

Improved Financial Optics: with financials, presentations, and leadership, our CFOs help you impress investors whether existing or potential.


Cash Flow

Help managing your capital runway, obligations and ability to invest in ongoing R&D

Financial Reporting

Know what's happening in your business at all times with clear reporting

Profit Optimization

Improve margins with extensive analysis of service lines, product offerings, and more


Create a plan for timing, funds needed, and the approach for Series A and beyond


Put systems and controls in place to scale fast and reliably across the business

Risk Management

Understand from experience the challenges you'll face and be prepared for them


Explore new business models, verticals, marketing, and customers for growth

competitor analysis

Rise above by understanding strengths and weakness of competitors in your market

exit strategy

Be prepared for an acquisition with defensible financials and a clear strategy for investors

Fractional CFO Benefits

CFO Benefits at a Fraction of the Cost: Interim, part-time, full-time, and contract services allow you to adjust at any time- up or down- as needed.

Matched to Your Industry:  Our CFOs come to you with relevant experience in your business to guide you to success as fast as possible.

The Face of your Financials:  CFOs represent your financials to your investors and board as well as to the bookkeeping and accounting team with us, freeing you to focus on products and services.

Elevated Decision Support:  You'll have more metrics, reports, analysis, and modeling to make effective decisions for growth, investments and exits.