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Using Tags in QuickBooks Online

Classes and categories have their place in QuickBooks Online transactions. Tags add another way to track your financial data.QuickBooks Online is a great tool for creating, storing, and sending sales and purchase forms, and for building detailed customer and vendor profiles. Maybe that’s all you want it to do. But to get the most out […]

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Work Opportunity Tax Credit Info

At its most straightforward, the Work Opportunity Tax Credit is available at the federal level to businesses that go out of their way to hire people from a targeted group that has historically had difficulty finding gainful employment.The theory is to encourage business owners of all types to create economic opportunities whenever possible. The Work […]

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Reasonable Compensation in Wages an S Corp Stockholder

Article Highlights:S Corporation CompensationReasonable CompensationFactors Determining ReasonablenessIn the Spotlight199A DeductionS corporation compensation requirements are often misunderstood and abused by owner-shareholders. An S corporation is a type of business structure in which the business does not pay income tax at the corporate level and instead distributes (passes through) the income, gains, losses, and deductions to the […]

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