Bookkeeping & Accounting

cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting through all stages of growth

Tax Service

corporate tax advisory, preparation and filings regardless of business type

People Operations

help to maximize the value of the people driving your business forward

Fractional CFO

insights to build growth strategies and assist in fundraising rounds 

Due Diligence

financial and operational performance evaluations for investments

Legal Prep

contract prep, financing support, cap table management and more

Finance Team

You'll have an expert team working together for the duration including bookkeepers, accountants, controllers, CFOs all dedicated to exceeding your expectations.


StartupGorilla will introduce you to cloud-first technology and financial processes making you more efficient, reducing costs and setting your business on the path to success.


You’ll have access to industry proven CFOs giving you help to refine your strategy, create a plan for maximum growth, raise funds and more - all at a pace tailored to your specific needs.


Positive changes happen from the moment you first engage with StartupGorilla. You'll get fast analysis of your business with timely responses to all your questions and needs.  

Latest Articles

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Signs You Should Stop Managing Your Own Books

On the one hand, it’s almost a prerequisite for entrepreneurs of all types to have that “can-do spirit.” That sense that nobody else sees things quite like they do so, whatever it is they want to accomplish, it becomes something they know they’ll have to do themselves. In a lot of ways, this is an asset as it’s a big part of what has contributed to your success thus far.On the other hand, this type of mentality can certainly get people into trouble when it comes to the day-to-day necessities of actually running a business – with bookkeeping, accounting, and other financial matters being chief among them. While there may be a time when you can handle your books yourself,…

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One Way to Improve Cash Flow

To say that things are uncertain right now when it comes to the economy is, in all probability, a bit of an understatement.Inflation is at levels we haven’t seen in decades. Employment costs are rising across the board. Materials in a number of industries are more expensive than ever – if you can even get them at all thanks to still-ongoing issues with the fragile global supply chain.All of these issues can make it difficult for organizations to tackle one of their most essential challenges of all: cash flow. According to one recent study, approximately 82% of all businesses that fail do so due to poor cash flow management or just a general misunderstanding of the idea itself.Thankfully, this is…

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Using Tags in QuickBooks Online

Classes and categories have their place in QuickBooks Online transactions. Tags add another way to track your financial data.QuickBooks Online is a great tool for creating, storing, and sending sales and purchase forms, and for building detailed customer and vendor profiles. Maybe that’s all you want it to do. But to get the most out of this web-based accounting application, you should really be using its classification tools so you can view related transactions as groups and learn how specific parts of your business are doing.Tags are the newest tool for this task. They’re customizable labels that allow you to track whatever you want, for whatever elements of your business that you want to track. You could determine how much…

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Technology Can Disrupt Your Business Model- What to do?

Think for a moment about the many ways that the world has changed since Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone to the world in 2007.Overnight, entire industries were upended. Nobody needed a standalone camera because they were suddenly carrying one around with them in their pocket all day. GPS units for your car became irrelevant. Everyone was suddenly connected to one another all day, every day, thanks to a ubiquitous Internet access point that followed you around wherever you went. The list goes on and on.Of course, all of this demands the question – what do you do if your business model gets disrupted by new technology? At this point, it’s likely not a matter of “if,” but “when.” It’s…